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Trusted, early gender testing backed by years of science.

- Test as EARLY as 7 weeks pregnant

- Over 99% accurate

- Easy to use, 3 step process

Over 20 Million DNA tests and counting

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Trusted Science. Trusted Results.

Peekaboo Early Gender Prediction Test helps you find out what you're having as early as 7 weeks. Its backed by one of the worlds most accredited labs, where experienced PhDs analysis your result, delivering over 99.9% accuracy.

Finding out is important, but knowing you can trust the result you receive means everything, and that's what sets Peekaboo apart.

Our Products

Peekaboo offer two early gender prediction tests to suite your needs.

Simply choose the one that's right for you.

Peekaboo At Home Early Gender Test Kit

Peekaboo At Home

The Peekaboo At-Home early gender prediction test kit requires only a small pin-prick blood sample from the comfort of your own home. No doctor's visit is required.

Test as early as 7 weeks pregnant

Over 99% accurate

Easy to use - 3 step process.

UK Based Customer Service

Peekaboo Pro

Want to leave the blood draw to the professionals? We get it! Choose Peekaboo Pro Early Gender Predictor Test and one of our friendly phlebotomists will take care of it for you.

Test as early as 7 weeks pregnant

Accurate Result Guaranteed

Free & Fast shipping

UK Based Customer Service

Peekaboo Pro Prediction Test Kit

Peekaboo PRO Clinics available near you

If you would like your blood sample collected by a professional, you have options! Choosing a local friendly phlebotomists to take your DNA sample makes the whole process easy and convenient.

With over a 100 providers nationwide, its easy to find a clinic near you. Simply select one of our professional phlebotomists from our “Clinic Finder” and contact them directly to make an appointment. If you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll arrange everything for you.

1. Order PRO Kit Online -The kit is sent directly to you

2. Find PRO Near You -Schedule the sample collection appointment directly with the clinic.

Click to see all the Peekaboo PRO options available near you.

Three Easy Steps

All from the comfort of your home, just a small blood sample is all you need to know your baby's sex with 99% accuracy!

Still have questions about our DNA gender test kit?

Q: Is the Peekaboo early gender DNA test safe for my pregnancy?

A: Baby gender testing through Peekaboo is absolutely safe for both mother and baby because it is non-invasive. All that is required for testing is a small blood sample from the mother.

Q: How early in pregnancy can the Peekaboo early gender test be performed?

A:Peekaboo offers the very earliest gender detection of any DNA-based test and can be performed as soon as 7 weeks into the pregnancy with 99.9% accuracy. Our superior equipment and testing methodology make this possible. Use the Eligibility Calculator on this page to see when you can test. The test is not validated for earlier than 7 weeks.

Q: How are urine-based gender predictor tests different?

A: There are no sex hormones in urine, and the presence of sex hormones is necessary for any reliable and scientifically-sound gender test. The Peekaboo early gender reveal test is a DNA test, and DNA does contain sex hormones. Peekaboo analysis looks for the presence of the Y chromosome in the DNA contained in the mother’s blood, which determines whether the mother is having a boy or a girl. This is the most reliable, scientifically-proven, and accurate process for early gender detection.

When are you eligible to take the Peekaboo Test?

Peekaboo Gender Test can be used any time starting at 7 weeks into pregnancy until birth.
Use the calculator below to see if you're eligible.

Calculation Method

First Day of Last Menstrual Cycle
Estimated Due Date

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