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Throw a Gender Reveal Party Earlier Than Ever

Throw a Gender Reveal Party Earlier Than Ever

One of the top reasons Gender Reveal parties have gained popularity has to do with recent medical advancements. As the most accurate Early Baby Gender Test available, Peekaboo Pro enables parents to find out the sex of their unborn child at just seven weeks into pregnancy. If you’re expecting, order the test, and then share this incredible moment whenever and however you wish! 

The Joy of Sharing

Gender Reveal Parties are a fairly new phenomenon here in the UK, but dating back to 2009 the first videos were uploaded to YouTube and the trend truly took off in 2012 in the USA. Today, photos, videos and blogs of gender reveals blanket social media. Typically, these parties center around the special moment when the parents-to-be cut into a cake, pop balloons filled with confetti, or kick a ball filled with powder. These events give the parents to be the opportunity to share their joy with family and friends, giving them the opportuntiy to feel the joy of their upcoming surprise!

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