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Science sets peekaboo apart

Trusted Science Sets Peekaboo Apart.

Extracts 2x More DNA

They offer the most advanced DNA-extraction technology available, which extracts two times more DNA than other tests. This method allows Peekaboo to determine baby's sex even in samples with low levels of fetal DNA.

In-House Labs

Peekaboo Early Gender Predictor Tests are read in-house in their state-of-the-art laboratory that maintains the highest levels of accreditation from independent agencies. This ensures reliable processing methods and privacy protection.

Fully-Automated Lab Processes

Using fully-automated processes and the latest in computer technology helps to prevent the possibility of human error every step of the way. All reports are reviewed by a team of in-house  PhDs before they are released.

All-Female Team

Since Peekaboo detects the presence or absence of Y-chromosome (male) in cell-free fetal DNA, the Peekaboo team is all-female—from our packaging department to our lab technicians and processors

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