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Peekaboo At Home DNA sample collection

How to avoid contamination

The analysts determine if a Y chromosome is present in the mother’s blood. If it is, she’s having a boy and if it isn’t, she’s having a girl. it’s really that simple

The Peekaboo at home early prediction test kits have an accuracy rate of 99.5% is higher than any other gender reveal test, so you can trust the result.

In addition to being extremely accurate Peekaboo Early Gender Prediction Test is also extremely sensitive. This means that if your blood sample becomes contaminated in any way, you may receive inaccurate results. One of the worst contaminants is male DNA, which can give a false positive male result.

How can you reduce the risk of male DNA contaminating your test?

The most effective way to avoid sample contamination during your Peekaboo test is to take the test in an environment that’s free of male DNA.

The test works by analyzing the cell-free fetal DNA in mom’s blood to detect the presence or absence of Y chromosomes, so the most effective way to avoid sample contamination during your Peekaboo test is to take the test in a male free environment.

Let's Get Started

Preparing is every bit important than the collect itself and ensuring a contaminant free collection environment is vital.

Read the instructions first and don’t skip any of the following preparation steps! Make sure to watch the video below, which details full step-by-step instructions and study your instructions manual before beginning

Step 1.  Prepare for Sample Collection

No Males Warning Sign

 At Peekaboo, male DNA is looked for to help determine gender, this is why it’s essential that your sample not be contaminated by male DNA. No male contact with contents of test box before, during, or after sample collection.

  • Locate a level surface to collect your sample
  • Clean surface with household cleaner or warm soapy water
  • Drink a full 8-ounce glass of water20 minutes before starting

Step 2. Sanitize Hands

  • Wash hands with warm water and soap for 30 seconds and air-dry by shaking your hands
  • Prevent contamination by not touching anything except test items

 Step 3. Set Up Collection Tube and Lancet

Remove and place the following items on the clean surface:

  • Two (2) alcohol swabs
  • Three (3) lancets
  • One (1) collection tube
  • Two (2) bandages
  • One (1) resealable bag

The collection tube contains a small amount of liquid preservative. Hit the bottom of the tube on the table three (3) times to collect the liquid at the bottom.

Punch out perforated circle in the Test box and place on clean surface with hole facing up. Twist off the tube cap, and set it on the box for later use. Carefully set the tube in the box hole with open end up.

Step 4. Get Blood Flowing

  • Assume a standing position during the collection
  • Select the arm you want to use
  • Rotate that arm in a circle multiple times
  • Make a fist and open and close tightly 10 times

Step 5. Prepare Finger  for Collection

  • Pull the cap off the lancet
  • Select either the middle or ring finger to draw blood
  • Locate the top outside portion of your fingertip
  • Clean fingertip with alcohol wipe and let alcohol dry

Step 6. Collect Blood

The lancet works automatically.

  • Press the red end of the lancet firmly against your finger and apply a large amount of pressure until you hear the lancet click. Blood will begin to flow right away
  • Immediately put your arm and hand in a downward position
  • Start applying pressure from the top of your finger below the knuckle and massage downward toward your fingertips
  • Press firmly at the fingertip until a full blood drop forms and collect in the tube
  • Continue massaging as needed to keep blood flowing until sample collection is complete
  • Collect blood for 2-10 minutes, until the 500 line on the tube is reached. This may require repeating the process with a new lancet and different finger
  • Apply pressure to tip of finger for 10 seconds, wipe excess blood with alcohol swab, and apply a bandage
  • If liquid preservative solution comes in contact with skin or eyes, rinse off immediately. If a spill occurs on clothing, wash before reuse.

Step 7. Mix Blood Preservative

  • Snap red cap back on the collection tube
  • Tap the tube on the clean surface with the lid-side facing down to break up an blood clots
  • Invert tube upside down, making blood flow freely towards top
  • Revert tube right-side up, making blood flow freely towards bottom
  • Repeat 10 times (upside down and then right-side up counts as one time)

Step 8. Package Sample for Shipment

  • Clean any excess blood from collection tube
  • Place collection tube into resealable plastic bag and secure the seal
  • Place bag with sample and consent card in the original box and close
  • Place original box into the shipping package and seal

Step 9. Return Sample

  • To preserve the integrity of the sample, keep package in a temperature controlled environment at all times
  • Ship at your local shipping center
  • That's it you're done

Step 10. Receive your Report

When testing is complete, the gender-identification report is sent to you via email.

Do nots

Do not allow any male to help you – if you need help collecting your sample, make sure to ask a female friend or family member.

Do not allow any males to touch your Peekaboo test box before, during, or after collection. – Our DNA is everywhere, including in our skin cells and fingernails.

As we cannot control any contamination during the At Home collection, it’s crucial you take the following precautions in order to receive clinically proven 99.9% accurate result. - if at all in doubt, try our Peekaboo Pro Kits as a professional is on hand to take care of the whole thing.



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