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Firework Reveal

There is no better way to let your friends and family know you’re expecting a little Boy or a little Girl than with our Gender Reveal Firework.

The Firework is a mid-noise rated and will go off with the traditional sounds of fireworks – adding to the beautiful visual effects in the sky of your gender reveal result for the perfect party celebration.

This reveal cake has 36 Pink or Blue spectacular shots.

We recommend the firework is fired at a safe distance of 15 meters away from your spectators, this will help keep everyone safe in the unlikely event that something goes wrong!

The Firework will fire straight up into the sky, perfect if you have obstacles either side of the firing space but have a large opening overhead.

The duration of the firework is approximately 40 seconds

The delivery of the fireworks is a specialized service, and an adult must be home to take receipt and sign for the firework on the delivery day.

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